Born and raised in central Michigan, Dr. Katherine Miller developed a passion for the mechanics behind vision and eyewear as a teenager. She grew up in a family with poor eyesight, and began wearing glasses at six years old. She later graduated from Ferris State University where she earned her Doctor of Optometry Degree and BS of Applied Vision Science.

As Dr. Miller considered the destination that best suited her post-graduate life she spent time traveling abroad and immersing herself in many global cultures through medical missions and study abroad programs. Small town life close to the ocean had the most appeal and so she relocated to the Delmarva Peninsula.

Since landing in Delaware Dr. Miller not only met her husband and found a place to call home, she has had the opportunity to accelerate her professional growth. While working with the most reputable and experienced doctors in the area she has continued to learn by attending educational seminars and clinics taught by the most respected industry leaders.

While Dr.Katherine Miller is a skillful optometrist, she has always had a passion for viewing eyes as a piece of the dynamic health puzzle. As a result she has placed a large emphasis in her career on the health of the whole person, not just the eyes. Dr. Miller prides herself on taking time with each patient. She sees each patient as an individual with unique problems and perspectives. She understands that the best medical care and advice is not effective if not clearly explained. She takes pride in teaching her patients how to take care of their eyes for life long clear vision.

Dr. Miller’s strength lies in the detail she applies to her work. She firmly believes that her patients deserve not just good eye care, but excellent eye care. She envisions a world where excellent eye care meets the individual’s sense of self and personal taste.

Dr. Miller is an active member of the following: American Optometric Association (AOA), Delaware Optometric Association (DeOA), Ocular Nutrition Society (ONS), Women of Vision (WoV) and is an appointed member of the Delaware Board of Examiners in Optometry.


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